Rohan Maan


College Park, Maryland, USA

Hi! I am a second year Robotics graduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park. My research interests lies in Computer Vision especially on understanding and furthering the development of generative models. Following my masters, I am looking forward to starting my PhD with the aim to solve hallucinations in Generative models. I want to solve data scarcity and build a bottom-up physics inspired generative model capable of capturing multi-modal inputs(sound and images) to create a super-real environment for the development of MetaVerse.

In 2018, I graduated with a bachelors in Robotics and Automation from MIT WPU, Pune. I had the opportunity to learn embedded systems and Robotic system development from scratch. I have worked with Texas Instruments M4 and Atmel 2560 microcontrollers to perform macro robotic operations such as pick and place. High level task such as perception/planning involved ROS for task syncronization.

My undergraduate degree thesis was on automation of aerial manipulator. A custom MPC based controller designed specifically for a dynamic system like Aerial Manipulator to perform mid-air pick and place operations. This work was a part of Indo-Korea joint venture work held at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.