I was teaching assistant for the following courses

ENPM645 - Human Robot Interaction

Provided office hours, co-delivered lectures, designed and graded assignments. Topics covered include:

  1. Fundamentals of AI
  2. Types of Deep Learning architectures and their use cases
  3. Basics of Human Robot Interaction
  4. Project Planning
  5. Cognitive Psychology
  6. Storyboarding in HRI

ENPM673 - Perception for Autonomous Robots

Delivered Tutorial on Python and OpenCV, created assignments on following topics:

  1. Lenses and Image formation
  2. Ball Tracking and Curve Fitting(LS, TLS, RANSAC)
  3. Homography estimation and image stiching from scratch
  4. Hough transform based virtual reality implementation
  5. Epipolar Geometry, Stereo Camera Calibration
  6. Optical flow based velocity estimation
  7. Semantic Segmentation using Deep Learning